Providing quality home care for loved ones can be a costly endeavor. While there are many home care options available, it is important to understand how to fund these services. In this guide, we will explore the various funding options available in England for home care.

Local Authority Funding

Local authorities are responsible for providing social care services, including home care, for eligible individuals. To determine eligibility, a care needs assessment will be conducted by the local authority. If deemed eligible, the local authority may provide funding to cover some or all of the costs of home care services.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is available for individuals with complex medical needs who require ongoing care. To be eligible, a full assessment of care needs will be conducted by the NHS. If deemed eligible, the individual may receive funding to cover the full cost of their care, including home care.

Personal Budgets

Personal budgets are a type of funding that allows individuals to have more control over the care they receive. The local authority will provide a budget, which can be used to purchase home care services from a provider of the individual’s choosing.

Self-Funded Care

Individuals who are not eligible for local authority or NHS funding will need to self-fund their care. This means that they will be responsible for covering the costs of their home care services. However, self-funding can provide more flexibility in terms of choosing a care provider.

How to Apply for Funding

To apply for funding, individuals will need to contact their local authority or the NHS. The process will involve a care needs assessment, and eligibility will be determined based on a variety of factors, including income and the level of care required.


In conclusion, home care funding in England is available through a variety of sources, including local authority funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, personal budgets, and self-funding. It is important to explore all available options to determine the best way to fund your loved one’s home care. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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